Relationship advice!

Ok so my husband and I have been married about a year now, together for 4. we have one baby he's about to be 2. Before getting married my husband knew that I wanted kids I've always wanted a family but now that I'm having a pregnancy scare he decided to tell me he doesn't ever want kids that he's like a hundred percent sure he doesn't want kids and that if I want kids I should go be with somebody else were his exact words. He's been under a lot of stress lately about money and I'm wondering if that could be a possible reason why he feels this way but we don't use any protection whatsoever and its Taken 2 years as it is to get pregnant if I'm am pregnant any advice on how to handle this cause honestly it's made sex with him less for me and I don't want that or to later on be mad at him or him resent me if I am pregnant.