The beginning


Tomorrow is the beginning of the week so begin with a clean start.. wake up tomorrow with a brand new attitude

Things to remember

1. The weight loss will not happen over night, it's a gradual process

2. Be patient! Don't quit because you aren't see in the results you think you should

3. Water! Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated!

4. Don't quit cold turkey. I have made this mistake lots of time. Quitting everything you love immediately will only discourage you because you assume since you aren't eating the chocolates and cakes anymore you should be losing 10kilos per week. And when you don't you stop because the "diet is not working". Instead, take gradual steps. If you eat 4 slices of white bread for breakfast, try eating two slices of brown bread and slowly cut it to one slice per day

5. Don't be afraid of fats(healthy fats such as avocado, Olive and coconut oil, pure butter).. do not be fooled into following the strict no fat diets. They may work but they aren't sustainable in the long run and once you stop.. the weight WILL come back

6. Take progress pics and measure yourself weekly. These measurements will keep you motivated even when the scale is not moving because what truly matters is your size rather than the numbers on the scale

7. BEFORE YOU QUIT, REMEMBER WHERE YOU STARTED! when feeling discouraged, look at your starting weight and measurement and I'm sure that will keep you going!

Good luck to you ladies! I can't wait to see your bodies evolve!

Feel free to ask any questions