Opinions please? 😊

Cheryl β€’
So I have four step children. My husband was previously married. When we got married, it took my father a while to be okay with his 23 year old daughter marrying a 33 year old with four children. He's accepted it and enjoys my husband's company now. I haven't told him that I'm pregnant yet. I'm a bit nervous. I'm coming home in two weeks to see him and I'm planning on buying a "grandpa" tshirt because this will be his first grandchild and boxing it up with an early Father's Day card with the first ultrasound picture. Do you think this will soften the blow? I'm a huge daddy's girl and his opinion has always mattered so very much. He was put through a lot with my alcoholic mother and always put me and my siblings first. He was both parents majority of the time and really is the best father a girl could have asked for. I just really want this to go well and I want this to be a happy pregnancy, I don't want any stress. Any tips from anyone who has gone through something similar? Or anyone who has any ideas for this to go over well? Sorry this is so long. ❀️❀️