let me explain.. tips?!

I wanted to explain why I'm here, ttc under 20. I am 17 years old. I am a grade ahead and still graduating highschool a month early this year. I move into my own apartment very soon close by my parents. Because of my mom's disabilities and a rough financial upbringing, my college is almost all paid for by the government. I start this fall in a fast paced nursing program to receive my RN. I have a steady job in a nursing home with room for advancement and an offer to pay for the rest of my schooling as well as a position as an RN once I have my degree. I have been very independant the last few years, holding two long term jobs that pay well. I feed myself and buy my own personal care items as well as my clothes and gas. I save money and balance it well. Because of my mother and her mother's health problems, my doctor advised me to ttc young (although maybe not this early). The love of my life and I have agreed that now is the time to get in shape and start taking care of my body to prepare. We are no longer preventing, meaning off the pill. I don't smoke or drink and I am in a healthy weight range. I want to start my family while I can, and I see no problem with being able to spend more time with my child through out their life, and I intend to have more several years from now. My fiance has a very large family that tales care of eachother. They are hispanic and wonderful and I love them all. My baby will not be a government funded baby, and little bean will be beyond well cared for. I do not encourage teenage pregnancy while in highschool or while living at home. I do not condone ttc when you have not proven you are even able to provide for yourself. However, I would love some ttc tips as I stopped the pill last week and my AF is ending right now. Any suggestions from my young mamas out there?(: