TTC in college?

Is anyone TTC while in college? I am going to online school at the moment and will be halfway done next week. My husband works and I stay at home currently, and we also own our home. He is about to start a new job soon making better money and we are ready to TTC soon. I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same boat? What was your experience? We aren't going to start trying for probably a few more months so there is a possibility that I can be finished with another year of school even if I got pregnant right away.. leaving only one more year of school to finish. My plan would probably be to take a semester off if the due date wasn't while I was out of school. Is that a bad idea or do you guys think it is doable? I usually don't have issues with multitasking with school unless I am having to actually leave home where my class work isn't accessible, but since I haven't been in this situation before I wanted to see what it's like for others