asking for a favor ! plss

marie_144 • Jace michael born December 12, 2017 ♥️ Baby #2 due January 21,2020 💕😁
my mom has cancer and so for Mothers Day im asking everyone since i wanted to do this challenge i thought it would be really nice for her to get something like this..... id like to do the " your love is so strong it reaches ____ " ... im from colorado so id got that one im still working on a good picture for it . my name is Shyanna . just so you kno id appreciate it thank you ! id at least want to try and get everywhere as much as possible ! ❤️ also my moms name is Jeani . 😌 if everyone can help me do this itd be the best gift i could ever ask from everyone ! 😅 also id like if theyd be written on paper to be printed out ! thank you ! ex:   jeani , shyannas love is so strong it has reached _____ ❤️ which ever works !