Toddler and/or young child drinking soda?

I've had some family that insist I let my almost 2 year old have some soda. I am completely against him having soda (especially at this age!) when he was 3-4 months they said it was tradition to give the grandkids a taste of soda, like seriously? I told them they can continue the tradition with other grandkids but not with mine. My husband doesn't see an issue with it but respects and understands why I don't want our son to have any, at least until he gets a lot older. I grew up having soda all of the time and I ended up having to have almost $20,000 of work done on my teeth and I am finally happy with my smile. I just don't want my son having to deal with having horrible teeth. I don't drink much soda myself and prefer not to even have any in the house but we live with our in laws and they drink a ton of sodas.

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