A-May-zing Eve Queen of the Month


It's time for another crowning of our Eve Queen of the Month! Meet Amy-Louise Doherty, your new queen! Amy-Louise is only 19, but she's gotten 31 referrals with her unique code, and rightfully has earned her crown of Eve Queen 👑

Where are you from? 

Currently, I'm located in England, but I was born in Northern Ireland! 

What do you like to do for fun?

I mainly like to blog (www.chronicallyroyal.blogspot.co.uk) about my endeavors and chronic illnesses. It may not sound that fun but it's a great stress relief and it makes me really happy! I also write my own stories for the app Episode Interactive! (Author name: Floral Episodes) Basically I write scripts and they get turned into interactive stories which is so much fun!

What do you love about Eve?

It's one of the only apps I feel I can be interactive in! Suffering with Chronic Pelvic Pain, Permanent Hormone Imbalance Syndrome and possible Endometriosis, Eve shows me I'm not the only one with these issues and allows me to connect with others like me. Plus; my periods are all over the place and Eve is literally the only active tracker that helps me with irregular periods!

How did you get so many referrals?!?

Well as stated before I have many chronic illnesses, mostly surrounding periods. I run my own online support groups and the minute I heard of Eve, i spread the word among my girl friends who all suffer with pelvic issues too. And once my girl friends had signed up, readers of my blog signed up and members of my support groups signed up! I get messages a lot thanking me for introducing them to the app as a lot of them needed something like Eve in their life!

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