Never sleeping again 😨😩

💞 Nancy 💞 • Mama to an angel looking over me and 2 blessings with me.

My baby girl will be 9 months on the 19th and tonight for the first time she has rolled to her side in the crib and fell asleep. I want to roll her back over but do not want to wake her up. I am scared now since the risk of sids is not gone yet at her age and I am panicking. I think I will roll her over and if she wakes up just rock her back to sleep. It 12:25 am and I am so awake now. Sleep is offically over for me from now on. I am FTM so any advice on how you other moms dealt with this would be great.

** I was getting ready to go turn her over to her back but she has done it on her own. So relieved but now I know she can and will roll to side and soon tummy.**