relationship advice

Brooke 🎀
I have been with my girlfriend for 4.5 years. She has BPD and bi polar .. both not diagnosed.
She has hurt me a lot over the years.. lying .. cheating .. u name it. I have taken her back.
Today I went to the docs because I have tonsillitis .. she never has any sympathy for me. I had all pus in my throats and extremely painful. 
I went to the docs and got some antibiotics .. and when I tell her how much pain I'm in and it's so sore .. the first thing she said was " who you been kissing or been with"
I don't find things like this funny .. she was serious so she makes me feel like I have done something wrong and I didn't go to the docs at 8am this morning & then it's where's your script - like she doesn't believe me and then acts weird! 
She even wanted to come with me to docs but I said she can have a sleep in. 
She keeps tabs on me all day everyday.. we have text 24/7!
She also gets shitty st me cause my house has bad signal so I always have to go out the front to talk on the phone to my family , and she always has to follow me or watch me, then asks who was it or who msged me .. or who this and that.
She wants me to move with her and her family back to New Zealand and leave my family in Australia.