I am back! with great News!!

Nancy β€’ I am a mother of a 4 yr old beautiful girl, my second daughter is 10 months old and currently expecting #3 baby πŸ‘Ά
So after been absent for the past 4 months after announcing here That I was pregnant but then at 5 weeks January 12 lost the pregnancy it was the most painful and devastating thing I have went thru and that is why I couldn't really post it, it hurt so much and I decided to take a break of this app. Needed time to off to assimilate what had happen to me. The only thing that I had post was me going to the hospital and getting check out only to find out that I had and early miscarriage that I couldn't have done anything to prevent it 😟😒. But as my suprise on Friday I found out I am expecting my rainbow 🌈 baby my 4th pregnancy and #3 baby I am 5 weeks and 4 days today I took the white one that is at the top test and it show positive in the evening and on Saturday morning took the other one the pink test and it also show positive at the image below the message. So I am in shock can't believe it yet wasn't expecting it I have an older daughter who will be 4 yrs old next month and my youngest daughter is 7 months old. I feel like is a blessing and I am going to hope this pregnancy goes thru it the 9 months and can be a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I thank God for all of his blessings. Congrats to all of who are expecting again after going thru a lost a miscarriage. A rainbow 🌈 baby its on its way..