Rainbow Baby🌈👶🏼

So I'm terrified. My husband and I lost our son on February 16 2017 at 20w 3days. We went in for a routine ultrasound just to hear those four horrible words, "there's no heartbeat". Our world was shattered. We were so excited to finally be parents. I miss my baby boy everyday and what I wouldn't give to be able to hold him one more time. We won't ever know what happened to our son or why he passed away, we had all the blood work and genetic testing possible and everything came back normal. 
Here I am two months later, pregnant and still grieving. We didn't plan to be pregnant again this soon but we are beyond happy. I am terrified that what happened to my son will happen again. I'm terrified of all the judgement I'll have to deal with being pregnant again so soon. I'm hoping I can maybe get some support from other mamas who have been through the same thing and maybe some tips on how to get through this new pregnancy with my sanity still in tact.