How much/how often do u feed your LO?

Amy ā€¢ Married 4/4/2012. Baby #1 born 3/18/17 šŸ’™! Boy/girl twins due 2/18/20!

So little Caleb is just over 7 weeks now and he's been getting 4oz every 3-4 hours for quite a while. He's a great sleeper at night and will go around 6 hours (on average, could go more or less) without waking up to eat. He's almost totally FF with just a couple oz of BM a day that I can manage to pump for him.

So now he suddenly seems hungry so much earlier, like every 1.5-2 hours he wants to eat! I tried giving him 6oz the other day after a long sleep to see if it held him longer, but no dice.

Am I misreading cues? He really seems hungry here! Rooting/crying/trying to drink from his pacifier.

How much are you giving your LO's now, ladies? And how often?