UPDATE: Surrounded by dogs..

You guys, my husband is a BIG BIG dog person, I on the other had am not so much. I love my dogs, dont get me wrong, but I was perfectly happy with the two we already had. I mean, they are high energy handfuls. That being said, my husband brought home 2 new dogs yesterday. Out house mate brought home another, and already has one. That being said, I have six dogs in my house. Both men work during the day so I'm stuck taking care of all six and only two are potty trained. My house is a HELL HOLE. And I am feeling overwhelmed. My house smells like piss no matter how much I mop, because as soon as I mop they owe again. I'm waay over my head and I dont know what to do.

Update: currently bawling my eyes put because I have to get rid of MY dog.. It breaks my heart so much because its not fair to him, but I can't handle all these dogs..