Did I get friend zoned?

So yesterday me and this guy that I have been sleeping with (for 3 months) were at the dog park. We hangout a lot and don't just hook up. We hike, cook dinner or go out, watch movies(granted they are st his house), he'll play video games I'll do school work, etc. I spend almost every night at his house and last week I spent every night there. Anyway, yesterday, this older guy at the dog park comes up to us because we haven't been coming to the park as often and asks if I'm his other half now. I get nervous and I just look at my guy and say "I don't know". Later that night while we were lying in bed, I asked him if he would have said anything differently and what he thought. He said that we were just friends because we hadn't really talked about it. (Which we hadn't). Then he asked me if I wanted to be more than friends to which I said "a little, yeah". And that was the end of it. I guess I was acting weird because the rest of the night till this morning he kept asking if I was ok and that I looked bummed. I really like him and I do want to be more than friends. We've been sleeping together for awhile now and I just think that if it should go any further, we should be together. I am most likely not going to spend the night at his house tonight just so that I can think about what to do. I can either get over it, keep doing what I'm doing, and if it doesn't turn into anything just get sex. Or I can stop spending the night So much and back off a little. Because I don't want to get attached if he doesn't feel the same way. I feel like I got friend zoned in a way? Unless we just really hadn't talked about it. He planned something out of town with me on the 20th so I thought he liked me. I figured he would start the conversation about being together last night but he didn't. So he might just be looking for sex? If I don't spend the night at his house will it get weird? Because if I want to keep seeing him after I figure it out I don't want things to change or get messed up.