way too insecure

I've caught my husband in lies and even found out later that he had cheated on me AFTER he said he told me everything and we tried to "start fresh." Trying to work things out, I asked him not to interact with social media pages of half naked women or anything that would be disrespectful to me because all that does is bring back everything from the past and honestly, you WILL get caught. I do not think respecting my wishes is asking too much. He SHOULD want to do whatever he can to earn trust. Fast forward. This weekend I noticed he had liked and commented on a picture of a woman with her whole ass hanging out. Called him out and he told me I'm too insecure. I just had his third baby and I'm unhappy with my body as it is. I said that will never be my body (it wasn't even attractive in my opinion) and he came back with "never say never. You just need to fix yourself." I hate that he makes me so insecure. Shames my body and has cheated and disrespected me. This is NOT what I want my daughters to look up to. No clue what to do at this point. He can't even respect a simple request. All I asked was for him to look and keep scrolling. I understand that he's going to look, but interacting is a whole other story. Sigh. 
Edit. We've had this conversation on why it doesn't help the situation on my end. He's not a teenage boy. There's no need to interact with random people on social media. I don't go around liking pictures of men who look better than him or saying "damn you look sexy as f." because if he saw I did, all hell would break loose. That's why it's a big deal to me. Might seem petty to some people, but there's obviously reasons. He's very one sided. I get that it's just Instagram. But if he asked me to not do something that makes him uncomfortable I would. I guess I should have added that. Some of these likes are of women he knows. More specifically single women who have every right to post what they want. But MY husband doesn't need to give her that like. I was never a jealous person before this shit. I really don't like who this has turned me into. We need counseling.