Hey guys! So okay I need an opinion. My boyfriend and I are about to close on our very first house! Very excited. We both want to get married, and have kids. But we also want to get more organized; financially. Have everything for the house, etc. and then have a wedding down the road when we can actually plan it correctly. And the kids.. well I want to be married first then have a kid. We all know weddings, rings, all that is very expensive. Another thing... every girl loves a wedding! But I've been thinking what if we get married in a courthouse? Simple, easy. Then have a nice dinner with close friends. Then plan a nice honeymoon. The whole planning a wedding, and the people.. not really my thing. Never liked big weddings either. Stresses me out too much. Entertaining people can also get me nervous haha. Should we just get married at a courthouse? Or would I regret that? Opinion please!