was it a date

I have a lot of online friends. Several I've known for a really long time. 
Well. There's a guy that I've known for 7 years. 
We both used to like each other. But he dropped it because I was under age. 
I recently turned 18. He's 21. Those feelings are starting to stir back up. 
He asked how I would feel about hanging out then proceeded to drive two hours to come see me. We hung out for several hours. Lunch. Bowling. Wandering around. Dinner and dessert. 
When we were texting about it later, he claimed he survived a date with a vampire. (I'm very pale) 
We both know distance won't work with us. But we both have feelings. He called it a hang out several times, but called it a date once. 
Was it a date? Or am I over analyzing?