first boyfriend/long distance relationship/virginity advice?

Okay well we're both from Germany, he's like 5h from where I live and we're like in a relationship. We "met" online and been talking non stop ever since then. He's just like me it's insane and we really like miss each other even tho we haven't met yet. 
He's finally going to come over here so we can spend some time together and really get to know each other for real. 
He's my first boyfriend (I'm 17) and I'm his second. First of all it's quite hard to be in this LDR relationship anyway but I'm like pretty insecure as well. 
He's not pushing anything, he's very respectful and all but oh boy he's so hot😩😂
I'm so attracted to him I feel so stupid, can't imagine how it's gonna be when we're kissing and stuff. Of course I wanna wait a while before we have sex but does anyone have any advice ? Like should I adress it or just not talk about it and let it happen one day? Should I just go for it or plan anything? I'm so nervous and I really want him my hormones are going crazy.!!!