No heartbeat at 6 weeks, help!

I had my first scan today, I was expecting to be 13 weeks pregnant or so but turns out I'm only 6-7 weeks. During the scan they could not find a heartbeat, they then decided to do an internal scan so see if they could find it that way.. still had no luck! At this point very concerning for me. They then sent me to the early pregnancy area and sat me down in a room and said softly that I will have to come back a week later for another scan and if we can't find the heartbeat then they will have to induce me into a miscarriage. All quite upset they sent me on my way with a massive pack of information about miscarriages and that was that! There wasn't any positivity during the whole visit. Also I've had no cramps, no bleeding no signs of problems whatsoever. 
My questions are:
Is this normal not hearing a heartbeat at 6 weeks?
Should they have not have been even slightly positive?
Am I worrying about nothing?
Do I read this miscarriage pack?
Also I've read online that a lot of people takes a few more weeks to hear the heartbeat, is this actually true?
Sorry, first pregnancy. The way I was delt with was so negative I have to wait a whole week without knowing! I'm pulling my hair out and it's only been 7 hours!
Thanks for your help!x