Diaper sales?

Anyone have any diaper hints?
I hit the jackpot while I was pregnant with target coupons, but suddenly I'm in need of diapers and not finding any good prices 😅
Target recently lowered the prices of their boxes of diapers by a few cents, which unfortunately means that the previous deals I was getting (but 2 for $50, get a $10 gift card, use $14ish in coupons) is no longer valid, because two boxes no longer takes you to $50, it's $48 something, and buying another pack of diapers basically makes it not worth it!
I didn't buy any diapers over $0.10/diaper while I was pregnant and were 6 months in now that I'm running out. I am on my last box of 3s, I have 2 boxes of 4s and a box of 5s still, but I'm frustrated that I can't find any at 0.10/each anymore 😭