HELP PLEASE! update!

Autumn • mama to one little boy 10.09.2017 and one little girl 12.7.2020
I need help! My husband and I are having a hard time thinking of a boy name. 
Here's the problem: we are supposed to name our son with the initials CLK, it's a family tradition in his family to go back and forth between CLK and RLK. 
I am having a hard time finding any c names that I like, except I LOVE Collin. It just feels right, but hubby hates it. He loves Conner and I hate that! I know I can't base it off people we know, but pretty much every Conner I know is a total d-bag haha. 
If we didn't have to follow the tradition, I can almost guarantee that his name wouldn't start with a c. What do we do? 
We find out in 10 days if baby is boy or girl, but praying it's a girl so we can stop arguing!
Update: we came to agree on Charlie for a boy! So excited to find out :)