is there something or am I being paranoid??

There is this girl that my husband works with who seems to try and get in about other women's men. His best friends girlfriend was convinced something was going on as she was constantly messaging and snap chatting him like 50 times
In one night and he was responding. At that point she had a boyfriend. Now she is single. I feel she is trying it with my husband as his best friend's gf told her to back off. She went out her way and bought my husband a birthday present which wouldn't have been much of a problem if she had bought others birthday presents but she hasn't. She is telling him to get a back bone as they were arranging a night out as a group and he made reference about asking me as he wasn't sure on the date as we have weddings coming up and her reply was 'You can borrow my back bone if you want 😂'. Am I being paranoid or is there something?? I hate feeling like this.
They have only known each other about 6-8months and she hasn't bought anyone for their birthdays before or since his 🤔