Should I Give Up Glow?

Erica • Pregnant with #1!
Apparently I've gotten a bit obsessed with this app and the "science" of conception. I'm a science teacher so the human body fascinates me. I downloaded this app to start tracking my cycle, but the community has gotten to me. I just started TTC this month, so I was all full of hope and excitement. However, seeing all these posts with struggling women has really shattered my hope and taken the fun out of it. I feel like if I don't take OPKs and track CM, I'm not doing it right. It's making me think I don't want it as much as anyone else. My husband has noticed this rut in my mood, too. I loved the idea of this place to get advice and get to know people (I don't have many real friends IRL) but now I feel drained every time I browse the community. Should I delete the app and just track on paper? Does anyone else feel this way?