waking earlier in the night 😩

Nicola • My husband & I together 16yrs, married 5yr. Poppy born oct 2016, 4months off the pill, diagnosed reflux, breast fed baby
7 month ol waking earlier for night feeds rather than going longer. She's Breast fed but the last three weeks has started puréed, yesterday 1st time twice a day. For the last 3-4 days she's started to wake for feeds more and earlier in the night. It's killing me this tiredness. Any advise or explanation appreciated. She goes in her cot around 5:30 After that feed and that's her choice (as she sleeps longer Than a nap) (she starts stirring at 9:30pm  to feed then we All go toned around 10pm, she sleeps in the next to me cot, then for the last month when she wakes for this earlier and earlier feed I put her in her own room for the rest of the night. 
She has 3 daytime naps which are not forced upon her and are for between 30 mins to 1.5hr. Has a dummy and falls asleep herself i.e. No rocking etc...