Had my HSG today


I had an HSG today to make sure my Fallopian tubes were patent. Everyone was so nice and helpful. But I was really nervous thinking about all the possible pain that I might experience. Once we started the procedure there was a lot of pain and cramping. The radiologist was having trouble getting the bulb to open my cervix so he went and got another radiologist to try.. he couldn't get it either. So they finally called my OB/GYN to come from the clinic to see if he could get through.. he was finally successful but had to use another method to open my cervix by using an instrument called a tenaculum. The RN said they have only had to use it on one other person since she had been assisting with the procedure.. lucky me. Ha. Let me just tell y'all... between the tenaculum and the dye being pushed into my uterus, that was the WORST pain I have ever experienced. All I could do was cry and to remember to breathe. The doctors said that stenosis of the cervix can hinder fertility and they think that was one of the reasons why I haven't gotten pregnant the last couple months. Good news, everything looked good and my tubes are clear!! Praise the Lord!! Hopefully this will be our month!!! What are some of yalls success stories after having an HSG done??