She's home!

Madeline • 👪❤️
Vivian Claire made it home from the NICU safe and sound. I had her at 37 weeks via csection. I went in for a regular appointment and weekly ultrasound since I had GD. She wouldn't move or practice her breathing on the ultrasound so my OB ordered an immediate csection. 
Surgery and recover was great! Vivian came out a little blue and had a hard time controlling her breathing, so she was sent to the NICU. She spent 7 days there but progressed fast and was discharged 2 days earlier than planned. We are starting to breastfeed today and it's going great, as far as I can tell. I have to use a nipple shield but I actually kind of like it that way. Big sister is a little jealous but I think it'll get better soon. Praying for a smooth first night home. So far, so good!