I need advice on PCOS!!!

I have pcos, I'm not insulin resistant and all my hormone levels are normal, I've got one child and got pregnant naturally, I have always had regular monthly mentrual cycles, I've only ever been pregnant twice 1 with my daughter which was in 2008 and again in 2012 but that pregnancy was a blighted ovum, I need to speak to someone that knows more about this as I'm getting no where with my doctors, I want another baby and considering taking inositol to encourage the maturity of my eggs as I know that I do ovulate and that I can hold onto a pregnant but I think with my knowledge that my folicles are released immaturely and that being then reason for one my blighted ovum and 2 why I no longer get pregnant, I've heard inositol can help regulate ovary function and improve egg maturity but would like some advice from whom have taken this similar to my pcos complaint, thank you in advance xx