How long should hair dye last?

Annie • 23 years old. Diagnosed with PCOS & hypothyroidism. Married for 5 years. Ellie Rose 💕👶🏼 & Millie Jean 💕🤰🏼
So I found a new hairstylist that didn't charge an arm and a leg for highlights and baylage. I got my hair done on April 7th & quite honestly it didn't last very long at all. 3 weeks later even my friends were telling me how it looked back to normal. 😫 I'll include pictures but I've never dyed my hair this dark before and it did NOT last. At all. 
3 weeks later:
5 weeks later:
I'm just so disappointed. I really loved the copper color before but I don't have the time or the money to get that redone every month! 
So how long should a well done dye job last? 

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