who else hate when people do this?

Sam`s Princess
When a male does something rude so you confront them and they say " oh she's on her periods. Woman are so emotional. Oh woman take things too seriously." 
It's like no need to be sexist. All I stated was how rude it is that everytime I speak I get interrupted and the one time I explain how I listen to everyone issue even when I don't want to and I give them feedback. (You know good conversationalist over here! )And all I ask is to at least let me finish my sentence. And then my father tells my younger brother "oh she's just a girl, they take everything too seriously. " 
So I'm like "no need to get sexist. it's just rude to constantly interrupt people especially when I listen to all your guys problem. That is okay, I don't hold anger in my heart and forgive people. " 
I was hurt by that comment because it's sexist and me off period is similar to me on period. I found it all so rude especially since I said it in a calm tone.