3 sums

I asked my Boyfriend about a three sum and how he would feel about having another girl. I thought all guys would love to have one. He got upset with me and he told me I don't wanna watch you be with anyone even if it's another girl. And I was like you wouldn't want two girls sucking and licking your dick or watch us fuck each other and his response was "I want you" I felt so bad for even bringing it up but I asked well what is your sexual fantasy? He says "being with you" he gave me a long lecture how he isn't like other guys and I'm more than what he wanted in a woman. That I'm his sexual fantasy that he can never wait to come home to me and find me in my bra and panties. He even admitted to not evening needing porn after he met me. I feel happy but at the same time I'm very sexually open and I will respect his wishes for me to not bring it up again. I just find it weird?