scared a baby with bubble gum

I'm watching little people and I have gum in my mouth. I'm sitting in the floor with a 9 month old and pop a bubble with my gum. She looks at me and mimicked my chewing and then I blew her a bubble thinking it would amaze her and she FREAKED OUT. The pop of the gum made her flinch like she got zapped and she Crawled away in fear screaming and I picked her up and tried to comfort her and tell her it was okay but she kept pulling away and screaming. SHE COULD NOT EVEN LOOK AT MY FACE SHE WOULD SQUEEZE HER EYES CLOSED AS HARD AS SHE COULD TO AVOID LOOKING AT ME.  So I took the gum out of my mouth, showed it to her and let her watch me throw it away and then she was fine (of course I washed my hands) 
I gotta tell her mom to not blow bubbles with bubble gum around her ever again unless she wants her to scream like a wild baby animal.  
You know how like some people are just repulsed by certain things? Like spiders or snakes. I think this child is fully repulsed by bubble gum. 😳 I feel so bad and it was just gum!