Is it love ❤️

I'm 19 years old and just started dating. my boyfriend and I have only been daiting for only 3 months but he already took my virginity. It wasn't something I really cared about tbh but the thing is he's been dropping the L word right before I hang the phone up like a little slip up like "okay love you be safe" stuff like that but tonight he directly told me he loved me and asked me how I feel about him I told him that I really care about him. But I'm not in love with you yet he was really dejected 😩 for the rest of the night before I had to take him home we had a long conversation about it with mostly me talking and telling him how happy I am with him and that someday soon I will love him am I wrong or what?. What should I do I really like him he makes me happy but his moving way to fast.