6mo Not Gaining Weight Because Of Distraction... Anyone Else?


So I've already gone through what our doctor said at our 6 month visit this Monday in a previous rant. Waiting on iron test. Meanwhile here's the other aspect of why my son seems to have plateaued and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their November baby?

He just can't concentrate at feedings! He wants to play, wiggles around, flops into awkward positions, tries to feed in a crawling position or while playing with a toy etc. The doctor meanwhile told us to try to feed him 1300mL DAILY of expressed breast milk. Well I don't want to accidentally wean him prematurely, so we're giving him a bottle after breastfeeding. But today it took him 8 hours to finish a freshly pumped 200mL bottle and He barely breastfed 6 min a side three times in that period as well. I know that should be plenty in 8 hours after breakfast. His dad gave him a bottle in the morning before i woke up. Breastfed him to nap. Pumped and made a fresh bottle and mixed his cereal. He had a fortified buckwheat and chia cereal with molasses for breakfast and that bottle finished before and after. Lunch, breastfed before and after, bananas and hemp seed 1 to 3 of breast milk ratio. Same ratio for his dinner purée of kale, avocado and coconut oil. He finished his afternoon bottle after his bath, only having snack bits of it. Then breastfed 12 mins and went to bed by 7:45... Total today 615mL by bottle, 1hr 18 min breastfeeding -including over night- and three meals totalling roughly 7 ounces give or take.

Maybe I'm just stressing. Now that I have it written down to see I think he did well for a day. But the doctor has me going nuts over this 1300mL quota that seems outrageous given 900mL is what should be max at this age. But we're trying to gain weight...

Anyway. My original point. Has your baby lost or plateaued because of being active and distractable at 6mo?