Airborne Toxic Event! šŸ˜·

I have to share this. I HAVE TO SHARE MY SUFFERING!
Last night, after months of me farting away my massive pregnancy farts, my husband got his revenge.
Snuggled up in bed, nice and comfy for the first time in ages.... And he lets rip a fart so unbelieveably disgusting, so absolutely vile, not even shielding my nose with a duvet could save me from the eye-wateringly bad smell.Ā 
It was so bad, I puked! D:
Not only that, I puked, while laughing; tears coming down my face while I frantically scrambled to escape from the mosquito net and puke into a bucket and not on the bed!Ā 
Never, ever, in our 11 years together, has anything so toxic ever been emitted from his ass! šŸ˜± IĀ had to sleep with air freshener next to the bed to avoid it happening again!
Curse my extra sensitive nose and stomach! šŸ˜«