Did i fuck up or am i just human

Zayla • 🏳️‍🌈
Oki this a long story so sorry. I went with my bestfriend today to go meet her boyfriend. But he had a friend with him i was totally fine with it. I wasn't bothered at all not thinking of it in any way i just thought he was a friend. So we went to the park. So my bestfriend tells me that i need to talk to his friend not kiss him or anything but just talk to him. So we didnt talk for the first couple of minutes. My bestfriend is in the back seat of her car with her bf. So its me and the stranger in the front. So my bestfriend tells me to drink some liquor to take the edge off of things. I dont do anything like that ever but i took a sip. It went straight to me just like that. So his homie telling him to start making out with me and all that. So we start to talk then he started talking about kissing. And i dont know if it was the liquor but I started making out with him for like 3 seconds. Then i stopped to realize that, that wasnt me at all. But he kept trying to kiss me. The sad thing about it is,that was my first kiss like ever n im only 16. But we i always thought of my first kiss i always seen it as someone i truly love not someone i barley know. Did i fuck up please tell me something im losing my mind. Any honestly would be nice to hear right. Only because none of my friends are picking up their phones. Not even my bestfriend who talked me into doing majority of this shit. Anything would be nice to hear. Judge me tell me in wrong i just need to hear something.