You don't ovulate on the combo pill FYI

So many ladies who are combination birth control, still believe they ovulate. I always explain to them when you're on hormonal birth control pills it's like putting your body on cruze control- it does nothing on its own. All of the hormones come from the pill. The ovaries stop releasing eggs (if taken correctly) and they even go latent and look different when on on the pill. The only reason you bleed on birth control is because your body is withdrawing from the hormones, there is no clinical need for a period on birth control (other than peace of mind that you're not pregnant). So when you're on the pill you don't ovulate- you won't feel normal ovulation symptoms and you really shouldn't feel PMS symptoms unless you're on a tricyclin pill OR after youve taken your last pill in your pack.  (THE PILL MUST BE TAKEN 100% CORRECTLY FOR THIS INFORMATION TO BE TRUE)