I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant. 
With my first baby I knew before I was even pregnant if it was a boy it was Atticus Baron and if it was a girl Lillian Grace.
I've had names picked out since I was little for boys: 
Atticus baron
Elliot Winston
And Jules Abram
But I just can't seem to fall in love with a girl name, and the ones I do love my husband shoots down (Ivy, Iris, Constance, Abella)
I'm thinking Antanette Louis and so far my husband hasn't shot it down. 
Do you think the name Antanette flows with Lillian?? I don't want one randomly named kid.
Crossing my fingers this baby ends up being a boy, that would save me some hardcore thinking. 
After me suggesting every name in the book I finally told my husband he needs to start looking too otherwise I'm going to name our "possible" daughter what I want.
I went to take a shower And started thinking of A name I liked by thought "not even going to suggest it cause he'll hate it."
I got out and he gave me three names:
Needless to say the name I was thinking of in the shower was Dahlia 
So we are going with Dahlia Louise!!!