having a hard time any advice

I'm having a really hard time having the conversation w/my BD about how he's planning to support our child together. Everyone around me including my doctor is pressuring me and telling me I need to grow up put my foot down and have this conversation because the baby is comming soon. I'm the type that hates asking for help but I need to rmember this is for the baby not myself. I'm struggling financially though and cannot afford everything I need for this baby. How can I execute this ? I don't know where to start everytime I see him I try to start the conversation but it always seems like it's not the right time and I end up letting it go. It doesn't help when he's always falling asleep and complaining how much stress he's going through with work etc. please any advice on how I can start this conversation off I pray all the time that God gives me the courage and confidence to ask for help financially but it's so hard I can't help but to think that he will hate me. I'm planning on having this conversation tonight though when I see him