I don't know what to do

We're both stubborn. You guys are probably sick of my posts, as this is my third one in 3 days. But my long distance boyfriend and I have been arguing about him flirting and taking the numbers of girls in his city. I know he hasn't done anything with anyone but it pissed me off and then he went on to tell me about how his mother thinks that he should cheat on me. That's just some back story.. yesterday we were having a good day and I brought it up again after I promised that I wasn't mad about it and I told him that everything he was doing/said since he told me about the flirting/numbers was annoying to me. He read it and hasn't responded since last night, we don't go to bed without saying goodnight and I love you no matter how upset but last night he didn't say it and neither did I and I just told him I love him and he's choosing not to respond. I haven't apologized because I always end up apologizing for things that I shouldn't feel bad about reacting to, but he's my best friend and I don't want to go on like this but I feel like if i don't make the first move (like I always do) he won't either. Should I just apologize like usual (he never apologizes) or should I stick to my guns and wait for him? You guys are my only girl friends.. I need advice!