Your thoughts?? Am i overreacting??


Sorry for the long rant, but I need opinion. TIA

So here it goes...

My boyfriend of 6 years has literally one guy best friend. However, his best friends brother and his girlfriend live behind his best friends house. Sorry if I'm being confusing. 😡

Anyway, just recently he has stopped going to his best friends house to hang out with his brother and girlfriend. The thing is, I rarely ever hear him talk about his best friends brother it's always about Tonya(the girlfriend.). It seems to me since all in 6 years they have been around I have never ever heard so much talk about that girl. And she's been around our whole relationship. Now constantly for the past 4 weeks or so it's nothing but tonya this or Tonya that. For example when he comes home he's so excited and says "Tonya loves the shit out of Tippy. The puppy we just got. And she wants me to bring her up there" or "Tonya got ate up by some chiggers from being out in the pipeline, ima get her some clear fingernail Polish she has them all over r" yeah it's simple stuff like that but when all's you hear is tonya, tonya tonya it gets old quick. Makes me feel so little. I am kind of a jealous type but why doesn't he ever say anything about tonyas boyfriend since he's supposedly always there with them.? It's like she became his new best friend and I'm left out.. It's almost 11 and he's up there with tonya and supposebly her boyfriend. Do you think I'm overreacting about this? Thoughts please? 🤗