Mucus plug

I think I lost my mucus plug just now, but I'm not sure I flushed too quick 😩 All I know is right after I flushed I saw something pink in the bowl go down the drain (strange). Is there any other way I can check to see if its gone? Sadly I missed my 38 week checkup today and have to wait till Thursday.

I've also been having these severe back pains starting yesterday around 12am

(so technically today) lasting roughly

45 seconds - 1 minute and give or take 3 or more minutes apart that are sometimes so bad they'll stop me in my tracks or make it difficult to walk or even sit and wake me out of my sleep... It doesn't matter if I'm sitting down, laying down, walking or standing they'll still come and don't ease up.

I don't think I'm in labor because well my water hasn't broke and I'm not sure if I lost my plug, also I'd imagine even though this pain is bad it would be a lot worse and closer together.

First baby so I have no idea what's going on