Hi guys I need your help!! I really like a boy, I think I'm kind of in love with him 😍😍😍 but like I don't know if he even knows my name. I have looked at him in those beautiful blueΒ eyes like two times and he had looked back πŸ’™, then he has look at me like two times when I was in the hallways ☺️ I always get a little blushed and my heartbeat starts racing and I just wanna hug him ❀️. Β He is one year older than me, he is super tall, and well he has a super kind heart but he is also a little naughty, sometimes 😍😈 . So,Β How do I know if he is interested in me? How can I get to talk to him? Β ( I don't have any classes with him πŸ˜•)Β