Law Enforcement Relationship

Is anyone on here in a committed monogamous relationship with someone who works in law enforcement? My boyfriend is a cop and we're currently navigating through the LEO (law enforcement officer) relationship world. Being in a relationship with a cop comes with not only trying to deflect the failing relationship stigma that surrounds the LEO world, but also the long work hours, trying to plan quantity time around our completely different schedules, and trying to connect on things that happen in our lives that neither one of us can relate to (usually me trying to help him cope with the difficulties he faces on the job). We've been together for a few years now and we're in the works to taking our relationship to the next level (marriage), however, we're constantly discussing and working around the issues mentioned above. Sometimes it's really hard to feel connected when it feels like our lives are in opposite worlds. We love each other without a doubt and can't picture our lives without the other, but sometimes the unsual relationship can get to us.  Any advice from ladies out there about how to cope with it?