this is me--and I am beautiful

I took this photo just now. I just got home from work, I'm tired, I had my hair in a ponytail all day and wore no makeup. I always feel 'ugly' like this and like no one should see me. And then I realized that it doesn't matter. You don't have to wear makeup or do your hair, or worry because you are too pale or your teeth aren't perfectly straight. You are beautiful just the way you are, and anyone who wants to change that isn't someone you want in your life. Ladies, you are all beautiful and you are all loveable at any time of day, whether you're wearing makeup and dressed up or stuffing your face in your pjs. It took me a long time to love myself. But now that I do, I won't let anyone tell me that I am not beautiful. I used to tell myself that in my own head all the time, but it is just not true. We are all beautiful, just the way we are ❤️