What do I do?

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I don't even know how to put this I'm so upset. My husband let his friend move in with us and didn't even consult me. 
I just had a baby, and 3 weeks into it he let his drug addictted friend fly interstate to live with us! My baby is now 3 months old well 2months and  26days and his mate is still here!!
It's like I'm running a bloody budget rehabilitation centre. Because of this my husband and I now fight all time. Not to mention his friend is older then both of us! I can't believe this. 
I constantly tell him now I feel, how I don't want his friend here, I constantly sit down with his friend and him together and tell them both if this going to work that they both need to pick after themselves and help out around here as my children come before anything else and I will not mummy either of them. 
It's the same circle we fight, I set rules they get broken. I feel like he is putting his friend in front of our family and our families needs. Which I tell him that too. 
It's getting to the point where I feel like I have to move out of my own home and go live with my mother. I just want my family back with his mate gone! I only had 1 week with just us together. When our son was born my husbands mother stayed with us for 2 weeks then a week to ourselves then his friend came.
His mate doesn't cook, maybe does the dishes once a week sleeps all the time doesn't have a job doesn't look for a job and I can't believe my husband hasn't got a problem with this! I work 3 part time jobs and clean a house and look after a 7 year old and a 2month and 26days old baby. I just can't do it anymore and there's only so much that talking can do. 
What the hell do I do 😭
Probably won't get a response I probably wrote to much, I did need to get this off my chest. Ciao