venting to strangers

Jazz • Mommy to a 7 month old & expecting another!
Okay so I just have to spill my beans before I lose my head.
Okay so about a month ago my (ex?)boyfriend and I split because all we did was fight and I didn't want our son to be exposed to a toxic environment so I went to stay with some family in a nearby city just so that our son can be in a drama-free environment. After a couple of weeks of being apart (because I obviously still loved him) I tried to fight for what we had & I just built him up and I tried to show him that we can be better if we actually cared enough to try because I wasn't ready to completely say goodbye to him yet. So after talking with him he finally told me that he still loved me and that he wanted me to come back. He made me promise that I wouldn't leave again & I didn't intend to. I wanted to fight for us and I wanted to go to counselling.
Not even THREE DAYS LATER he tells me he just got off work & he'd be home by 10. So I had dinner ready for him in the fridge and I got Breaking Bad on & ready to go for when he came home. I ended up passing out & woke up at 1:30am & he wasn't there. I tried calling him and texting him to make sure that he was alive & no answer. I just figured that his phone died and he got stuck doing a late shift at work (he's in construction, so his hours flip & flop). I fall back asleep and then wake up at 3:40am & he is still not home and then I finally hear the door open and he comes in and just flops on the bed & I asked him where he was and he just says that he was out drinking with his buddies & he didn't tell me because he didn't want me to get mad... like?!?! So obviously I was livid because he told me he was going to be home at 10 and we JUST got back together. It was his last day here because he has to travel and do camp jobs so I never even got to spend time with him before he left. The next morning I just give him the silent treatment because that's just what I do & then he drops the bomb in me that I haven't changed and he wants to break up with me? Like he took me away from a loving family that actually wanted me to be there, the only place other than his place that I can live at until I get my own place and now he wants me to leave? Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this is unfair? Yes, I'm pregnant and hormonal but this can't just be me.