I'm not happy..

You would think, carrying a your unborn son would be the most happiest time of your life. Stressful but yet happy. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant, living with my parents with the father of my son and a puppy I have to watch even though it's my "boyfriend's". My parents hate the dog and the pup can't stand to be alone. So someone always have to be with her. Which means me, because I'm the girl so I have to raise a puppy too right? My "boyfriend" works at a gas station where he gets paid under the table and spend all the money on weed and pointless shit. I'm stressing out over a place to live, how to pay to bills, how can I raise my child in this environment. He doesn't make me happy, he has been controlling ever since I became pregnant, and I'm so stressed out. And this is going to sound like I'm a horrible person, but I need to get this out, I've been cheating on him for a month now and he doesn't care. He just says he wants his family and he wants his son. That's it. But the other guy knows everything. He takes better care of me and my child, even the puppy better than he does. Offers me a place to live and helps me when I need it. He actually loves me and cares for me unlike this asshole. I'm just not happy where I'm at anymore. And I'm feeling stuck. 😓 you can judge me, but honestly, I really don't care anymore.