well, now I'm creeped tf out

I was standing in my kitchen. 
My so is asleep on the couch, I saw him get up and walk into the bedroom. I turned to follow him in there and when I walked by the couch he was still laying on it. (The couch is faced away from me so I had to look over the side of it) 
I SAW with my OWN TWO EYEBALLS him get up, wrap the blanket he was laying with around him and walk into the bedroom. This is not the first time this has happened to me. Once, I followed my mother through her house and into her bathroom. I saw her walk into the bathroom. The light never came on, why would she just chill in a pitch black bathroom. She didn't shut the door either. So I followed her into the bathroom and turned on the light and nobody was there. 
What is that?