Ultra Sound

Went to my first OB appointment! I'm 8 weeks 4 days according to my LMP! My husband was recently in a bad accident and my periods have been really all over the place! On top of being stressed from his accident, every women on my maternal side miscarried their first child! Long story short my ob won't schedule an US until 20 weeks! He looked for the heartbeat but could not find one, it's to early I know, but then told me all about miscarriages and how high of a rate there is, told be because I haven't had many symptoms (I've had occasional nausea, sore breast, and tired) that my chances of miscarrying are higher! He then told me they won't be testing my HCG or Progesterone levels because "if I had a positive pregnancy test I'm either pregnant or not"! And sent me on my way! Is this normal?! 
Update: I demanded an ultra sound, and got one this morning!! Baby is looking great, heart rate is 168 bpm!! Aaaand...I got a new OB! First appointment is 6/15! Thank you for the advice!!